Come and ask about GoPro's photo or video service and get a movie souvenir.
* 20 min 65 €
* 30 min 100 €
* 1 hour 180 €


Enjoy the incredible views of Barcelona 150m above the sea. A powerful boat will tow you while you live an unforgettable experience through the sky. Possibility of flying up to 4 people simultaneously!! The flights have a durability of 15 minutes (if the wind conditions allow it).
 * 1 pax 90 €
* 2 pax 160 €
* 3 pax 210 €
* 4 pax 240 €


You can fly like Superman! The flyboard is a flight activity on a water propulsion board that allows you to stay up to 12 meters above it. With this experience, you can perform incredible tricks in the water and in the sky and feel like an authentic dolphin while you enjoy the Barcelona coast in a new and original way.


Pure adrenaline! Enjoy the unequaled sensations of feeling surfing on the sea, reaching 5 meters high or up to 40Km / h speed!
* 15 min 85 € (1 pax)
* 30 min 160 € (2 pax)
* 1h 300 € (4 pax) 


Banana: The challenge is not to fall! Enjoy with your friends on the waves aboard the Banana Boat in Barcelona. One of the most fun water activities you can find in the Olympic Port
* 20 € p.p
Max 8 people
Time: 15 min

Crazy Sofa: Have fun at the Olympic Port of Barcelona with the Crazy Sofa. The most fun water booster. Slide, jump and even fly over the waves at full speed.
* 30 € p.p
Max 5 people
Time: 15 min

Donut: Get ready to laugh on board of a Donut for up to 4 people! Jump, sail and fall into the water. Fun assured in Port Olimpic of Barcelona with the Donut.
 * 25 € p.p
Max 4
Time 15 min